There is no written test for admission in NUR, LKG, and UKG.
Admission to the next upper classes the student has to qualify a written test.
Subject for admission test
  • Mathematics, science, Gk, English and hindi.
Document at the time of Admission
  • Class NUR-UKG: Birth certificate, 3 paasportcolor photograph.
  • Class I to VIII: Original marksheet, Transfer certificate, 3 paasport color photograph.


Fees from April to june are to be deposited at the time of the admission.
Fees are to be paid in advance before the 10th of every month.
Fees of the month of March is to be paid in advanced in February.
Examination fee will be taken in the same month.


For Boys:
  • White shirt and grey paint, white shocks and black shoes, school tie, belt and I-Card.
  • On Wednesday: White pant and t-shirt and white socks and white canvas shoes.
  • In Winter: Black blazer, sweater, scarf and leggings.

    For Girls:
  • White shirt and skirt, white full socks and black shoes, black ribbon, school tie, belt and I-card.
  • On wednesday: White skirt and T-shirt and white socks and white canvas shoes
  • In Winter:Black blaze, sweater, scarf and leggings.


  • Since parents and teachershave a common goal of bringing the children into all round development of personolity - Physical, mental and moral, we appeal to the parents for their full co-operation in all matters conserning the education of their children.
  • Please see your child's diary every day and follow the principal/teachers remarks and messages, and sign as a proffit.
  • Please send your child to school only he/she physically fit and is in a position to continue till the classes over.
  • If a child is absent one/two days due to any reason, please mark in the diary in the respective coloum of ABSENT NOTES.
  • Students regularity and punchuality are to be maintained. No leave is excepted without ABSENT NOTES. It is a mandatory for the presnts to inform about leave /absense of their ward well in advance to the school.
  • See that your ward has all text book, item of stationary, craft maiterial etc. Write in the begining of the session
  • Ensure that all the book and notebook are covered with the brown paper.
  • Ensure that your ward comes to the school in the proper uniform with polish shoes trimmed hair and clean nails
  • Intimate to the school in case of change in address, mobile no.
  • Do not walk into the classroom or meet the teacher in the classroom. Meet the teacher only with prior appointment through the principal
  • Do not send money or valuable articles with the student. The school owes no responsibility, if they are lost
  • Student most be directed by their parents to maintain co dial realtions with their classmate and pay respect to their teacher, non-teaching staff and senior student